My Blogs First Birthday!

Tomorrow, it is exactly one year since I published my first blog! The time has gone by very quickly, and what an amazingly satisfying year it has been! 

My blog began as an idea to tell my story, with no real idea of how to do it. I didn’t know if I could write at all, let alone in a way that people would actually enjoy reading! I have to thank my Dad, who gave me the idea of doing a blog and for his support in helping to set it up for me. He showed me how to make it look good, and he did all the technical stuff.

When I started writing, I intended to tell my story, from my birth in the racing kennels, until the present day. My first, My Early Days  and the next few posts were exactly that. I told of meeting Mom, about my new home and learning how to adjust to life as a pet. It was hard work learning to live in a house , there were some sad moments, like in Bad Sad Times but lots of happy ones too.

I was very nervous when I published the first post, I did worry that no one would notice it, or read it, but I had support almost immediately from my Twitter friends, and they encouraged me to continue.

So I did.

I enjoyed writing them, and people seemed to enjoy reading them.

After a while, I asked some of my friends if they would like to tell their stories, and that was the start of my Guest Blogs. The first one was Shaynas Story,  then stories from some of my other friends. Some of them are much more harrowing stories than mine,like Harolds Story,  and I realised that I had actually been quite lucky in my life. I am so grateful to them, my friends for showing me that.

As I got more readers, a few people signed up to follow me, and I felt encouraged to write more. I began to write down poems I had in my head, not poetry in a literary sense, but rhymes. I love writing rhymes, especially funny ones, and my readers seem to enjoy them. I am still surprised every time I get a ‘like’. I am just a houndy after all.

I still remember how proud I felt when people started sharing my stories, and posting comments. I am very, very grateful to my readers for that, there is nothing more satisfying that knowing that people read them! 

What did surprise me, was that the blog that got the most views of all, was one I wrote very quickly, when I was angry! Please Stop With The Pictures was shared by a lady who is on the television, and so got viewed by a lot of people. It’s not my favourite post.




This, on my birthday, is my 171st blog, and if you are reading this, I would like to say a very big thank you for still being here with me.

My 172nd blog post will be Charlies first.

I am letting him have his say at last.

You’d better not let me down Charlie, old boy!




2 thoughts on “My Blogs First Birthday!

  1. Bella! It has been a joy to follow your blog and see life through your eyes! And I must admit, I am a bit jealous that you keep at it…I’ve had my blog for just over a year now and I never seem to post anything! So keep writing and sharing, and I will keep looking forward to it!! 😄😄


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