Sunshine Sunday!

It is now March, the beginning of a new Spring. Today, the weather was beautiful and sunny,  the best of the year so far. It made me feel good.


The sun shone bright this morning,
For the first time in a while,
I looked out of the window
And I couldn’t help but smile.

I walked around the garden
Sniffing every plant I passed
Then sighed with deep contentment
As I sank down on the grass.

Oh how I love to sunbathe!
My fur soaks up the heat,
I lay down on my side and
Take the weight from off my feet.

It wasn’t quite like summer,
Though, it felt a little wrong,
The grass was slightly damp,
And so I didn’t stay there long.

And then the clouds came over,
And it went a little chilly,
I felt quite disappointed,
But Mom told me that was silly.

‘Cos soon it will be summer,
Just a little while to wait,
I’m counting down the days
And I am hoping it’s not late.


Bring on Summer!



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