Today is the first day of Spring, officially, and it has certainly been very spring like! The sun shone for part of the day and me and Charlie got to play in the garden.

It is Saturday, and Moms weekend off work, so we all had a bit of a lie-in this morning. Charlie wasn’t too happy about that, but had no say in the matter of course, despite his rather noisy attempts at being bossy!

When Mom finally got up, it was still a bit cloudy and a bit cold, but by mid morning it had started warming up and then the sun came out. We had a leisurely breakfast of sausages and eggs, and then we all went out in the garden. I tried to play with Charlie while Mom did a bit of weeding!


Charlie is still not very good at playing with me.

He starts off okay, asks me to chase him, but then when I do, he goes and hides under something! He won’t race me, probably because he knows he will lose, and playfighting is completely out of the question as I am so big and he is so little. But still, we play a little.

Dad cut the grass, after Mom had muttered under her breath and made a few snide comments about corks while doing poop pickup duty. She always does that, I am getting a little fed up of it to be honest! I poop in the garden, so what!

Anyway, like I said, Dad cut the grass.

The garden instantly looks better when you cut the lawn, I think.

In the afternoon, one of the littluns came to play. He’s small and likes to build things, and knock things down, and then build things again! Very odd. We played with him for a while and then Mom went and got us all a McDonald’s meal!

Well, when I said us all, I meant the humans. Pfftt we just got a few bits that littlun dropped!! So not fair!


Littlun has gone home now, the house is quiet, Charlie is asleep and I’m beginning to doze off. The sun has disappeared and it’s beginning to get dark.

So Spring is here. Soon we shall see flowers in the garden and hear birds singing early in the mornings, and I will get to lie in the sun on the warm grass. I can’t wait.



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