All So Different

There are so many kinds of dogs in the world, all sizes and colours, and yet we are all dogs. Some are pets and have happy lives, some are not so lucky, but we are all dogs. Life is strange.

I wonder why some dogs are big,
And other dogs are small?
Why some have stumpy little legs
And some grow very tall.

Why some are white and fluffy
And others shiny black,
Some end up multicoloured,
With a big spot on their back!

I’ve seen some with no fur
Except for bits in funny places,
Like tufts around their ankles,
On their tail and on their faces.

Some dogs love to chase a ball,
Some even bring it back!
While others barely make the yard,
Just waddle there and back.

Some are good at jumping,
Some herd up cows and sheep,
While some like me are lazy,
And only want to sleep.

I often wonder how it is
That we’re all dogs in name,
When we are all so different,
Not two of us the same!!


Me and Charlie are very different, little and large, fluffy and smooth, loud and quiet, we do not care, we are brother and sister regardless.



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