Mothers Day

Today is Mothering Sunday, the day when you should be really nice to your Mom and treat her like a Princess, to show appreciation for all she has done for you.

Personally, I think you should show appreciation to your Mom every day because Moms are special.

I love my Mom very much, if it wasn’t for her, I might still be living in kennels. She came and took me home with her even though she hardly knew me at all then. She says she loved me on sight and could not have left me there for another day. That’s what makes my Mom special to me.

Mom might not be my real Mom, but she is better than that, she chose me! I would never have stayed with my birth mother of course, but without Mom, I would never have known what family was. 

Now I have Dad and Charlie too, even Miffy is family I guess, though she does not like me much.

So I show my Mom I love her every day, but of course I had to make a bit more effort today. Me and Charlie asked Dad to take her coffee in bed, which he did, and then he allowed us upstairs to say good morning to her. She enjoyed that! We jumped up on the bed (well, I did, Charlie is too small and had to be lifted up) and we cuddled for a while.

Dad made us all breakfast while me and Charlie played with Mom, and then afterwards we all went for a walk. It wasn’t raining but it was a bit cold so we didn’t stay out long. wpid-20150315_182900-1.jpg

Later on, Moms grown up kiddies came round with the little hoomans. They brought gifts and cards for her! She got some smelly things for the bath (yuk) and some chocolate roses (!!!) and also a pretty plant in a pot. Mom was very pleased and we all had a happy afternoon together.

Now they have all gone, and we are watching James Bond on the television, which seems to be what we watch on every special day, or so Mom says! 

Very soon we will have our Sunday dinner, and then it will be time for sofa snuggles, the best part of every weekend. So really, all in all, this weekend was like almost every other weekend, spending time together as a family, me Charlie, Dad and Mom.





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