Friday 13th

Today was Friday the thirteenth, it is supposed to be unlucky, a day when bad things happen. Nothing bad happened to me though, in fact it was quite a nice day! 

It was raining when we woke up, which is quite unlucky I guess, but this happens a lot so not particularly unusual. Mom went to work as normal, and I settled down for a snooze,

Charlie was surprisingly quiet, he slept a fair bit too. wpid-20150313_083950-1.jpg

Then Mom sent me a picture of the market stall outside her bank today! it was a pet food stall, with lots of treats and biscuits and pigs ears! She said she would bring me home some treats!

I got very excited and drooled all over my bed, imagining all the goodies she might get me!

So far, so good.

In the afternoon, it got warmer and the sun came out. Dad took us for a stroll around the block and we had a good sniff and a chat with one of the neighbours. When we got back, Dad let me clean out the cats breakfast bowl, as she hadn’t eaten all of her breakfast!

So far, this day was turning out well!

Mom came home at the usual time, and she had a present for me and Charlie! Gravy bones! What a treat. So much for Friday the thirteenth being unlucky!!

Dad cooked dinner while Mom played for a while in the garden with us, it is usually dark when she gets home from work, but the days are gradually getting longer so this was a really nice treat. Maybe soon it will be summer?

To make the day perfect, when we came back inside, we discovered that Dad had cooked sausages for dinner! What could be better?

All in all, Friday the thirteenth turned out to be a lucky day.

Just a silly superstition, Mom says. Like that very silly myth that says black cats are unlucky too. What a lot of nonsense! We make our own luck, and although some days you may feel unlucky, it is nothing to do with the date, or a black cat!!   It’s just Life.



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