Not everyone gets much say in how their life progresses, much is down to luck, but all humans get to make choices. Animals have very few opportunities to choose, domesticated animals even less. Realising this makes me feel very grateful.

Life is what you make it,

That’s what I’ve heard folk say,

But sometimes it’s not easy

To make things go your way.

For people, there are choices,

Decisions to be made

Do you do this or that today?

Should you have left or stayed?


I have no say in my life,

I do not get to choose,

I cannot change my future

Or alter what I lose.

My fate lies with my owner,

The one who gets to say

If I can stay forever

Or get sent far away.


I eat what I am given,,

And go where I am sent,

I take what’s handed to me

However it is meant.

For some it’s given kindly,

A pat or friendly word,

A cuddle when they need it,

A feeling they are heard.


But some are not so lucky,

What’s offered isn’t kind,

A harsh word or a beating,

No food for them to find.

No water when they’re thirsty

No coat when it is cold,

But still they have to take it

And do as they are told.


I’m glad my owner loves me,

‘Cos though I have no voice,

My feelings are considered

I am allowed a choice.

I can say no to some things,

I landed on my feet,

I didn’t get a say in it,

But for me,

Life is sweet.

There is never any need for cruelty, or neglect,

Even those with very little can be happy, if treated with respect.


I know I am lucky, I appreciate that every day. For many, life is not so happy.

Be kind when you can, and be thoughtful for those whose lives you control.



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