ReWoof from October

The Adventures of Bella and her Friends

This week Dad helped Mom to move all of her old photographs from her PC onto her internet storage thingy up in the sky.


She found some pictures of Candy, the Jack Russell Terrier she had before me.


Mom says that Candy was a lovely girl. She was the only dog Mom has ever had from a puppy and she was well loved. She loved going in the car and out for walks but that she pulled like a Husky!


Look at that tail go!!

So fast you can’t even see it! She was a happy girl though a bit yappy, like Charlie! She loved sitting on Moms knee and having her tummy tickled.

But then Candy got ill and lost a lot of weight. This was a very sad time for Mom and seeing the photographs brought all of those memories back to her. She went from healthy to…

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