Before My Life Began

I consider the days before I met my Mom as my pre-life, a time that I try not to think about. Those days are gone and forgotten, and I am glad about that.

Before My Life Began


My life before I found a home is really just a blur

A memory that’s faded and unreal.

My puppy days are gone and long forgotten,

And I don’t know how that ought to make me feel.


I was not treated badly, like some houndies,

No cruelty or neglect was handed out,

I had the food I needed to be healthy

And things I never knew, I did without.


I didn’t have a sofa or an armchair,

There was no comfy cushion on my bed

No toys to keep me happy in the daytime

No knee on which to lay my weary head.


I knew of nothing better than the kennels

I did not know how good my life could be

The things that now I almost take for granted

Were totally unknown back then, to me.


So now I know the loving of my human,

I take a cuddle every chance I can,

And try to never think back to those other days,

that were long back

Before my life began,





3 thoughts on “Before My Life Began

  1. We’re sad that you didn’t know a happy life until years after the kennels. You are a lucky houndy to have such a beautiful & loving Mum to free you from the sadness that you never really knew. Mum freed you and showed you a happy, healthy life and we’re all thankful for that. You are a beautiful soul and being. We wish more Mums would be able to save others stuck in kennel life. Those poor pups don’t know how great they could have it. We love you. xoxo

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