It is a constant source of irritation to me and my Mom, that we never knew each other until I was two and a half years old. And now she has the same irritation because of Charlie.

Like most greyhounds, I spent my puppy hood in racing kennels, firstly with my birth mother, and then kenneled with another large hound who was a racer. I remember very little about it. My real life started when I met my Mom on that Snowy Day in 2011.


But puppies are really cute, they are small and cuddly, and so very lovable. Mom loves me dearly, but she wishes she had photographs and memories of when I was small.  She would have loved to have known me then.

I wonder though, if I would have turned out to be exactly the same as I am now, if I had not had the experiences I had.

If I had grown up with a sofa, and cuddles, and treats and toys, would I be the happy dog I am today? Would I love my Mom so much if I hadn’t been so grateful to her? It is a difficult question.

When I met Mom, I was a sad little hound, I hadn’t raced, and although I have never been neglected or mistreated, I had not experienced love before, or a loving home. It took quite a long time to get used to it, and my Mom was very patient. In those Early Days, I had to learn a lot of things that puppies usually learn when they are little.

And I only learned to love Mom after I had met her of course. Before then, I knew nothing of love.

Charlie was different. He had lots of love I think, because he was obviously used to being a cuddly lap dog, he was house trained and knew how to sit. I think he was fed human food too, tidbits by hand, because of the way he sometimes acted when we first had him.

He is a really cute dog now, as a grown up, so he must have been unbelievably irresistable as a puppy!

So when Mom heard that there was a possibility of getting some photographs of him when he was little, she got very excited! It’s not definite yet, but a good possibility, which is as good as it gets. I know that it is too late to get any pictures of me when I was young, if any ever existed at all, but at least she has the chance with Charlie.

This would make Mom so very happy.

And I love my Mom to be happy, so paws crossed.



6 thoughts on “Puppy

  1. I hope she is able to get those pictures of Charlie! I think about that a lot also with my Bella! I wonder also. I’m am.so glad mom picked you or I never would have met you. You and Charlie make so many smile!

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