Is A Sausage A Sausage?

It is not often that I have cause to complain about my family or my home, but today I had a bit of a shock and I am not sure that I will easily recover. 

Mom went shopping today. That is quite normal on a Saturday, she often goes. I saw sausages on the shopping list so I knew that she was thinking of me when she wrote it. That all seemed normal.

But, a bit later in the morning, when she had returned and was unpacking the shopping, I heard something which shocked me to the core!

I knew of course that we were going through a bit of an economy drivwpid-20140807_081017.jpge. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I have heard a lot of complaints recently about dentist bills, car insurance and tax bills, and how the cost of kibble was going up, so I imagined it was something to do with money. But it was still a bit of a shock.

I heard Mom say to Dad that she had bought two packs of sausages this week, the normal ones, which I had seen her unpack, and…….and……a pack of cheap ones for the dogs.

I could not believe my ears! 

Cheap ones?  For the dogs? As if we were some sort of lesser beings! As if we were not the most important part of the family! Can you believe it? I felt wounded.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I could sulk, but this is my Mom we are talking about, and I am a houndy. I could not stay cross with Mom for long, especially as I received some very enjoyable cuddles today, but even so, I was offended.

I decided that the best course of action would be to refuse to eat these inferior sausages, when she cooked them.

I had not figured on Charlie.

This evening, Mom decides to cook our sausages. Me and Charlie were laid on the hard, wooden kitchen floor. (We do this to be close to Mom even though we both have nice comfy beds) I could smell the sausages cooking, and to tell the truth they smelled fine, more than fine in fact, no different than usual. They made the same sizzling noise they always do, and I must admit that it was hard to act indifferent.

Charlie was hopeless.

He went and stood by Moms feet as they cooled down, and gave her that soppy, big-eyed, ‘give me a sausage now’ look that we both usually do. 

And by now I was drooling, and getting excited, but I was determined to refuse these awful cheap sausages. I would hold out for the good ones, the ones that Mom and Dad were going to eat. I would never back down, Bella would stand up for Houndy rights!! I would, I would!

But when Mom got the plate and offered Charlie a little bit, my sausage instinct took over. I couldn’t help myself!! I’m afraid I gave in with no fight whatsoever.

They were delicious. I hate to admit it, but they were just as nice as our usual ones. 

So I guess Mom is forgiven. I offer my apology to all those other houndies who stand their ground, but I just couldn’t help myself. After all, a sausage is a sausage.






3 thoughts on “Is A Sausage A Sausage?

  1. OH dear … You are so fortunate. We have .. AHEM … NEVER HAD A SAUSAGE. I say that with a forgiving heart bc we get a lot of great things like ammys delights all the time. But … I say it again … WE HAVE NEVER HAD A SAUSAGE.

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