Little Brother Charlie.

Mom wrote a poem about me, and it was very complimentary. It has been suggested that Charlie should have his own ‘ode’ too.So I thought I would give it a try. I shall call it, My Little Brother Charlie.

My little brother Charlie, is not a bit like me,
His legs are not as long, or half as thin
In fact he is so short, he doesn’t reach to
the grey hair at the bottom of my chin.

He looks much like a teddy, I am thinking,
A fluffy little bear who needs a comb,
I thought he was a toy for my collection,
When Mom said he could come and share our home.

But for a little ted he’s rather feisty,
He doesn’t seem to know that he is small,
He bosses me about like I’m a poodle,
And silly me, I do not mind at all!

He has the cutest eyes, that look like buttons,
His nose is short and hairy, unlike mine,
He needs to have a haircut fairly often,
To keep his shaggy Yorkie coat in line.

He is a little cutie and we love him,
Despite the fact he’s not a hound like me,
My little brother Charlie is just perfect,
He’s family, with Mom and Dad, and Me!




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