Love My Greyhound

Today I have let Mom have a go at writing. To be honest, I helped her with quite a lot of it! It’s mostly about me afterall!

You have to love my greyhound,
With legs so long and slender,
Her nose is soft but pointy,
Her big brown eyes so tender.

She’s gloriously shiny,
With fur as black as night,
(If you ignore the bald spots)
She’s such a splendid sight.

Her body’s made for running
It’s perfect by design,
Her ears aerodynamic,
Lie flat to keep in line.

But though she is an athlete
She sleeps throughout the week,
She needs to do no training
To keep her fine physique.

The sofa is her treadmill,
Her dinnerbowl the prize,
Am amble round the block
Is what she thinks is exercise!

So if you have a sofa,
Which you are prepared to share,
Adopt yourself a greyhound,
And show her that you care.


Bellas Mom x


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