What Do You Dream Of?

I have to admit,I am a bit of a dreamer. I spend so much of my time asleep, that it’s hardly surprising that I dream so much. Mom thinks I dream about chasing rabbits, and I am happy to let her think that.

The truth is, I dream about all sorts of things!

Sometimes I dream about me and Charlie chasing each other around the garden. It’s in the summer when it is hot, we are running round and round, until we are both worn out and collapse in a huddle on the grass. I have never actually chased a rabbit, so Charlie is what I chase in my dreams! Those ones are fun. Mom always says, when I wake up, that my legs twitch when I dream about running!

I sometimes dream that I am lost, in a big field full of strange animals, and humans wearing black clothes, and they are all ignoring me. I can’t see Mom anywhere, and I am frightened! I stand there whimpering and shaking, my eyes darting around, looking for that most familiar and beloved human. Luckily these dreams do not last long, and I do 20140705_074302not have them often, but I wake up with a start every time, glad to see that I am in my own home.

When I dream about food, which is often, I dribble in my sleep! I wake up and my pillow is wet. These are the best dreams of all, and usually start with me suddenly working out how to open the fridge door. I open it, and there is a huge room inside, with low shelves full of all my favourite things! Rows and rows of sausages, ham, cheese and beef. I gorge myself silly until I can fit in no more, and then I wake up, with a wet bed and a rumbling tummy.

Once or twice, I have dreamed that I can fly! I jump up at the fence to bark at the squirrel in my garden, and the next thing I know, I am up in the tree with him! I sit on a high branch and look down at my lawn, and I see my Mom looking around for me. I wave my paw and I bark, until she looks up and sees me. The astonished look on her face makes me giggle, and I float back down to be with her.

Once I dreamed that I was a young dog again, back in the racing kennels with all the other hounds. I don’t really like talking about these dreams, they make me sad.

Other dreams have been about other dogs I have met, i have dreamed about walking with the hounds on Cannock Chase, and of going to the dog show, only in my dreams, I win prizes!! Lots of them, and I end up with rosettes pinned to my collar.

Some humans think that dogs don’t really dream, that we do not have an imagination like they do. I say this is nonsense, we have memories like any human, we remember the good people and the bad ones, we remember to flinch if we have ever been beaten, and we remember where they keep all of the best treats. Why would they think that we cannot dream?

I bet that all of those poor dogs in rescue centres dream of a home like mine!





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