The Cat What Yaps

I was kinda challenged to write a poem with this title. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am not one to back down from a challenge. So here goes………..

I know a cat, who lives near me,
Who acts a wee bit strange.
He looks a little crazy,
Like a rabbit with the mange.
The local children fear him,
Because he looks so mean,
He really is the ugliest
Darned cat you’ve ever seen!
One ear is drooping over,
The other one lies flat,
He looks like someone puched him
He’s one flippin ugly cat!
His claws are sharp and shiny,
He flexes them them and stares,
And challenges you to test them!
But knowing no one dares.
He has some weird habits too,
Like lying there in wait,
And jumping out and yapping
As you amble past his gate!
And no, I am not joking,
He bares his teeth and snaps!
Despite the fact he’s just a Mog,
He is “The Cat What Yaps”

*licks paw and strikes one in the air!

Bella x


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