Be My Valentine?

I have never had a boyfriend. I came close once, at the GGG last year, I still speak to him sometimes, but romance never quite happened. This year, who knows? Maybe this will be my year!

I think I would make a good girlfriend.

I am very sweet natured and biddable. I like to make people happy. I am very friendly with the dogs that I meet, especially other greyhounds, and I am always being told that I am pretty!

I am quite a good big sister.

I am very sweet to Charlie all of the time, and therefore I think I would be very sweet to a boyfriend if I had one. (As long as he wasn’t too bossy, that is, and as long as he didn’t expect to share my sausages.)

I am nearly seven years old, but I don’t have much grey yet, so I look younger. I wouldn’t object to a younger man. (After all, Mom has one and she seems happy enough!)

I think it would be nice to have a Valentine.

Someone I could meet up with when I go for a walk, we could hold paws and whisper sweet nothings while the humans chatted! I would let him lick my nose if he asked me and if he was really cute! That would be really nice! (What are sweet nothings by the way?)

And we could send each other romantic little messages and boxes of heart shaped doggy chocolate, and maybe a sausage now and then. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

But. And it’s a big but.

I’m not sure what happens after that! He goes home, I go home, we both curl up on our own sofas with our Moms, until the next time?

Because there’s no way I am leaving my Mom, and I’m not sure I want a boyfriend moving in and sharing her. I guess marriage is out of the question, and Mom says I am not allowed to have puppies.

Is that going to be a problem, do you think?

Can there be a handsome, sweet, and romantic houndy out there, who would be happy with a part-time Valentine? Who would send me cards and Wonky Chomps, and treat me like a princess, and then go home?

Can it ever work like that?

Can romance just be romance? Or are boy houndies not into stuff like that?

Bella the Hopeful



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