Winter to Spring

I have chewed many pencils today and written a grown up non-doggy poem. No sausages in sight. (please forgive my poetic licence, as I haven’t seen snow where I live!) Also, Mom helped me a bit!!!

It’s winter here in England,
Though the snow has yet to fall,
The days are cold and dreary,
With little warmth at all.
Some days the sun tries bravely
To break through the blanket grey,
But fails to warm the ground
As clouds and wind hold it away.
The trees are bare and lifeless
The leaves have yet to bud,
The lawn looks dull and lifeless
With a splattering of mud.

But though it still is Winter now,
With frost upon the ground,
The nights are getting shorter
And soon Snowdrops will be found.
The trees will burst like always
With the blossom that we know,
The cherries and magnolias,
That in our gardens grow.
The crocuses and daffodils
That herald every Spring,
Will bounce back in our borders,
And brighten everything.

So do not be disheartened
By the suns low, weakened rays,
‘Cos Spring will always follow,
To brighten up our days.

Bella and Mom 🙂



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