If Sausages Grew On Trees…

It is no secret that I am rather partial to sausages. All sorts of sausages are great,  but my preference is for good old fashioned English bangers.

So imagine if I could grow a crop of sausages on trees.
It would be houndy heaven, (I am so easy to please.)
I’d be the greatest gardener, I would be out there all day,
Watering and feeding them with no time left to play.
I’d serve them to my houndy friends, I’m sure they’d be impressed,
They’d say my sausage garden was the place that they like best.
I’d have a lot of visitors, I’d never be alone,
I’d keep poor Charlie busy taking orders on the phone!
I’d never tire of sausages, I love them through and through,
Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful, if only dreams came true.

Can someone, anyone, please invent me a sausage tree?



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