What if Humans Were Treated Like Dogs?

I once heard the expression “Do as you would be done by”. I wonder what would happen if people were treated in the same way that some dogs are treated? I know that humans have it bad in many places all over the planet, but here, in the western world that we call home, the majority can expect to live with a certain dignity. 

But what if, homeless men and women were all taken by trucks, to a center. What if, they were kept there for a number of weeks, and if no family came forward to look after them, they were “kindly disposed of”?

This happens to dogs all over the western world. In some countries, the way they end their lives is not kindly at all.

What if, when people came to the end of their working life, and if no one came forward to care for them, they were “put to sleep”?

This happens to greyhounds. Some are re-homed by greyhound rescue centers but many are not. Many do not even get the chance to reach a rescue center.

What if, anyone who couldn’t work, just disappeared? With no one to care where they went or what had happened to them?

Despite the rules and regulations that are supposed to protect racing greyhounds, there are still thousands every year that are registered at birth, but disappear, unaccounted for.  

What if, some unwanted people were forced to fight each other, often to the death, just for the entertainment of others?

This happens to dogs. Despite the laws regarding animal welfare, we all know it happens, dogs stolen off the streets, from houses and back gardens, to use as bait to train other dogs to fight. 

What if the prettiest women were kept in cages and forced to produce baby after baby until they were considered ‘too damaged’ to be of any more use, and just disposed of?

We have all heard of puppy farming, and the way these poor dogs are treated, producing litter after litter from a very young age, until their health deteriorates and they are worthless to their owners.

What if other humans were kicked and beaten and chained up in a filthy garden with no food or shelter?

This is so commonplace that it is no longer news.

In the modern Western World, where we would consider any of these things to be atrocities, if done to humans, why do we allow them to happen to dogs? Are we not supposed to be civilized? Do we not claim to be a ‘humane’ society?

Where is the compassion that allows a nation to call itself ‘civilised’? Does that compassion relate only to human beings, and those pets in your own family circle? If you cannot see it with your own eyes, does it mean that it is not happening?

Is it acceptable to avert your eyes from the detestable treatment which is handed out to thousands of dogs every day? Is it alright to use and abuse the most loving and trusting of animals, for the sake of money? Is a dogs life worth so little?

Please let us put a stop to this, lets us speak up for the humble dog.

Let us be Humane


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