Sticks? No Way!

Someone said something to me recently about chasing a stick. I have to say that this is a big No-No here, for a very, very good reason!

Mom has a huge ‘thing’ about people throwing sticks for dogs to chase. It is not allowed here. No sticks for me.

Many years ago, Mom had a blue merle collie called Bluey. He was Moms very first dog as an adult. She rehomed him at the age of 18 months, and loved him very much.

He was very energetic and it was impossible to tire him out! He often chased balls and sticks, in fact he would chase anything.

He herded things too.

Once he rounded up a group of builders on a building site and herded them into a shed, so Mom says.

Anyway, to get back to the point!

One day, she and thenDad took him to the local park to have a run. They were throwing sticks for him, and he was bringing them back as usual.

That last time, he ran really fast after the stick, and then all of a sudden he just collapsed onto the ground at the other end of the field. Mom raced over to him in a panic, as he stopped moving.

Mom said she thought he was dead!

It turned out that the stick had landed upright in the damp grass. As Bluey pounced on it, instead of picking it up lengthways, the stick went into his mouth, pointy end first.

ThenDad quickley picked him up and they both ran to the car as fast as they could, then they drove to the nearby vet. Blueys head was on Moms lap the whole way, her tears pouring down her face and on to his as he looked at her quietly.

The vet gently pulled out the stick and told them that it had gone right through his tongue and almost to the back of his throat. He said that if it had gone in just a little bit further, Bluy would have died almost instantly. He gave him some shots, said that his tongue should heal quickly and let Mom take him home.

Mom was horrified.

She blamed herself for being ignorant of the dangers, and felt so guilty. Bluey was in a lot of pain, and he spent the whole night standing in the corner of the room with his head down.

He didn’t make a sound.

Mom stayed up and watched over him the whole night, and finally, early in the morning, he lay down and slept. It had been a close call, she had nearly lost him that day.

Mom swore then, that she would never throw a stick for a dog again, and she never has.

Please get a ball for your dog, and not a stick.

Bella x


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