Cats Are Weirder Than Dogs

Last night Mom caught our cat drinking out of our toilet. Disgusting, I would never do that! well, okay maybe I would if I was allowed upstairs. But I’m not, and that is a whole different story. But it got me to thinking how weird cats are compared to dogs!


For example, my cat likes sitting in things. Anything will do, boxes, carrier bags, the linen basket, even flower pots will do.

What’s that all about?


For goodness sake why? How can sitting in a flowerpot be comfortable? I like my bed so I can stretch out as much as I like! Or the sofa, even better.

Why do cats play with stupid things like string, leaves and twigs!! What’s wrong with a good old fashioned squeeky toy? My cat won’t play with proper toys, when I play, she gives me that snobby look that only cats can do.

My cat Miffy meows without making a sound too. How daft is that? I either bark or howl or say nothing, like any sensible dog. I don’t act like someone switched the sound off! How come Mom knows what the cat wants when she just mimes? Maybe Mom can lipread and speaks cat!

Us dogs come running when we are called and are always happy to see our humans. My cat doesn’t seem bothered! Except when she is hungry, which is the only time she seems to want attention. She does not appreciate Mom at all!


Although, like me, my cat likes chasing little furry things, she acts really strangely if she doesn’t catch it. I bark and shout at the squirrel and tell it to never come back, so it knows I am a big scary enemy.

My cat just sits down and has a wash! What self respecting dog would think about washing at a time like that???  It’s incomprehensible.

wpid-20140723_184233-1.jpg  The other thing that really puzzles me, is the way cats behave when they meet each other in the street. Two dogs will run up and sniff each other, and say hello, or if they really don’t like each other, they might fight.  My weird cat will sit down and stare at the other cat, while the other cat does the same. They might growl at each other,(and if you have ever seen this happen, you will know that it is a very scary noise). They can sit like that for ages until one of them backs away. It’s like a Mexican Standoff!

All in all, cats are weird. We dogs are nice and straightforward, we say what we think and have simple needs. Cats like to keep us guessing. Maybe that is why there are dog people and cat people.

Mom likes both, which baffles me completely!


Thank you to Flash and Ruby for pointing out to me, the weirdness of cats!







15 thoughts on “Cats Are Weirder Than Dogs

  1. I know we cats do some weird things (I can’t explain the urge to squeeze into too-small containers). But you furry beasts wear collars and let humans lead you around by a leash they attach to you. And you let them dress you in sweaters and coats and boots. Right now my brother The General is wearing a football jersey that says “Linebarker.” Where’s the self respect?

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