Buying On Twitter?

I hear a lot of talk in my house about Social Media Selling, and how all businesses should have a presence on Twitter and Facebook in the modern world. I’m not sure that that is true but for some businesses? Maybe. 

I have to admit, I once heard Mom say that she did not think she would buy from people on Twitter, because you can never be quite sure who they are. Anyone can set up a profile on Twitter and say what they like about themselves, whether it is true or not, so is it safe?

But, we have bought some things,  for me!!

The thing is, we have made friends with people on Twitter, chatted with them and shared stories. We have grown to like them and trust them, and so feel very happy to buy off of them.

I think that this makes all the difference.

The only time Mom usually looks for businesses on Twitter, is when she wants to complain about something, or to get information about a product that she has already bought. Then, she finds that their timeline is full of comments from other people doing exactly the same thing! The big businesses respond to the complaints or queries but do not engage in conversation.


I made friends with Ama a long time ago, and have bought many delicious treats from his Mum at Ammys Delight, (with my Moms card of course).  Hers is a small business run from her home, and all of the treats are home cooked and healthy, and also extremely yummy!  I would never have discovered these if not for meeting her on Twitter.

I have also bought my collar from @brindleandwhyte.  Her boy Coco the Lurcher is a friend of mine. I get a lot of flattering comments about my collar and am happy to pass on her details so that they can look at them too.

But again, we became friends first.



My bed came from he lovely  Aunty Ninna at Woofbed, who I met on Twitter a good while back. We met in person at WoofstockUK  last September and Mom bought my bed there. It is very comfortable, and I love it, but again I would not have bought it if we had not become friends first.

So, I believe that it is a good thing for businesses to have a presence on Twitter, but only if they are actually going to put some work into talking to people, being friendly and engaging, and to spend time getting to know people, before expecting them to buy their products. 

This is a huge opportunity for small businesses, I think, an audience just waiting to meet them. But not just by firing out advertisements or promoted tweets. Do many people even look at those on social media? isn’t it, by its very description, somewhere to go to be sociable? To chat to people and share ideas?

What do you think?  have you bought anything from companies you discovered on Twitter?






5 thoughts on “Buying On Twitter?

  1. Thank you so much for the nice words about Ammy’s Delight. And yes we are a little business and use twitter and facebook for advertising too. But you are absolute right to say that only sending tweets full of advertising isn,t working. You need to get involved with the people so they will know you and your business. And yes its a lot of work but we love doing it and its soo much fun too

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  2. Even people who do not run businesses on Twitter can benefit from talking to tweeters and getting known . What about BourbontheGorm’s 2015 calendars and Floydthelurcher’s Christmas crackers that sold so well to other houndie owners on Twitter

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  3. I agree with you about knowing people first before buying on twitter. I really do love your collar, I always say that! If my Bella wore a collar I would definitely buy one.

    I did purchase some arthritis rub from someone on twitter and I didn’t know them really really well. But the product is great and I even got some samples of shampoo which I really like. I purchased it from Their products are all natural. They have many products!


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