Beware The Dog Thieves

I have been asked to highlight an issue which is concerning many of my friends. It is something which many people don’t realise is such a problem, but they need to be aware of what can happen.

I am hearing of more and more dogs being stolen!

A rising number of dogs are being taken from their owners after being left tied up outside shops. This is terrifying for the dogs as well as for the owners, and it is so preventable! I understand that it might seem like you are only going to be in the shops for a few minutes, but it only takes seconds to steal a dog. And those few seconds can change the whole world for all concerned.

If you need to call in to a shop while walking your dog, then take someone with you to hold the dog outside! Walking is more fun with company and so much safer.

Is that pint of milk or loaf of bread really worth the risk of losing your beloved pet?


This happened recently in Anfield

Some are stolen from their own homes and gardens, which is really really scary. I heard recently of  five dogs who were taken from their own home after someone broke into their house. one of the girls was expecting puppies, which makes it even more heartbreaking.  I understand that two of the dogs have been found now, but the others are still missing.


Missing Dogs!

Do you even want to imagine what could have happened to them? Or, I should say, what is happening to them right now? How frightened they must be?

Dogs are taken for several reasons, to sell, to breed from, and worst of all, as bait for dog fighting. You would not want this to happen to your dog, now would you?

Tesco put signs up outside one of their stores

I have even heard of occasions when dogs have been forcibly taken from their owners while out walking! that is hard to imagine! This would be horrifying, and I imagine ( I hope) it does not happen often. But thefts do happen, and it is important that every dog owner takes precautions to avoid this happening.

There are things that you can do to keep your dogs safe.

—-Never leave your dogs unattended in public, even if tied securely it does not take long to unclip a lead.

—-Ensure your gates are locked, if your dog is in the garden, and that no-one can easily climb over it.

—-Make sure your dog is micro chipped, this might not prevent theft, but can help you get him back.

—-When your dog is off lead at the park, keep a close eye on him, teach him to come back when you call him.

Around 3500 dogs were stolen in the UK last year, say The Telegraph

46% are still missing after 12 months says The 5Live Blog

Beware the dognappers  say The Sunday Express

So, my friends, please be careful out there, do not let you and your humans be a victim of dog theft, stay safe, and stay loved.      Bella







5 thoughts on “Beware The Dog Thieves

  1. Very informative article Bella. Thank you for bringing awareness to this horrible problem. I bet the numbers are higher here in the US. It’s so sad that so many are still missing.
    PS: Love the new background color!


  2. Excellent article BELLA. Bringing awReness to this horrific issue is the fist step. People never think that could happen to them. Thank you darling.

    Oh and I love he new layout.

    Liked by 1 person

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