Compulsory Snuggles?

It’s Saturday! My favourite part of the week, if Mom is not working, as it means we have her home for two whole days. Which usually means more snuggles with her.

Snuggles with Mom are the best, although, to be honest, I will snuggle with anyone really. I would really love to snuggle with Charlie, but sadly he is still not ready for that. He does lick me sometimes though, so one day he will I’m sure.

I love snuggles.


I think snuggles with furries should be an essential part of growing up for everyone.Children who grow up loving animals turn into nicer people, I believe. Doesn’t it make sense that if you are gentle and kind with animals, you are more likely to be the same with other humans?

I think I read somewhere that virtually all human serial killers started off by hurting and torturing animals when they were children. I can easily believe that this is true, (although I am not suggesting that all children who hurt animals grow up to hurt humans.)

But can’t the opposite be true?

Can’t it be, that children who know the love of a dog, or a cat, and learn to look after them and care for them, would carry those feelings into their adult life? In the way they treat other people?

Maybe that is too simple to be realistic, but then I am just a houndy, and what do I know?

What I do know, is that I love to snuggle my Mom, she is a softy like me, as are most of the dog people I know. Her children grew up with dogs and cats, and now have pets of their own, who are all well loved and snuggled.

So I say

” Make Snuggling Compulsory”












4 thoughts on “Compulsory Snuggles?

  1. While not a snuggler myself, I see the importance of it. As usual, you have valid points. Penny makes up for my lack of snuggles with Mom! xo

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