I have been thinking. Mom says this is a bit dangerous for a houndy, but I am pretty darned brave so I keep doing it!

I’ve been thinking about the weather, how cold it has been recently and how lucky I am to have a nice comfy bed with my very own radiator right by it. Like all greyhounds, I don’t have a lot of fur, and because I am very slender, I really feel the cold.


I have a jumpy too and a couple of coats, so that when I go outside I don’t get too chilly. Charlie has more fur than me but he wears jumpers too. ( I think, with him though, that this is more of a fashion statement than a necessity)

Some dogs have so much fur that they actually prefer the cold weather, like my friend Ama. He’s a Leonberger, and his coat is very thick. In the winter I think about how lucky he is, to feel warm while I am shivering!


But in the summer, when I am enjoying the sunshine, he is panting and trying to keep cool. It must be really difficult for him, when most people are outdoors enjoying the heat and he is too hot!

We are at opposite ends of the scale, where fur is concerned, most other dogs are in the middle.

Some types of dog are really lucky because their fur can be trimmed short in the summer and grow long in the winter if they wanted to!! Like poodles!

I often wonder how we can all be dogs, when we are all so different! Yet we are! Why are some dogs small enough to fit in a handbag? (Embarrassing) and some are tall like me?

Why is Amas fur so thick? And why is mine so thin?

I bet humans are to blame!


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