My Dreamy Day

I am a very happy houndy, I know how lucky I am to have a loving home, and a family who loves me. Mom worked today, and while she was gone I dozed and thought up a poem.


I lie here on my comfy bed
And dream of what I love.
My Mom, my Dad and Charlie
And the warm sun up above.
I dream of summer weekends
Where we all relax and play
An endless game of ‘chase me’
Where I tease then run away.
When food is fine and plentiful
There’s all my favourite things
Like sausages and bacon
Bits of ham and chicken wings.
When everyone is happy
Just to be right where they are,
And glad to be together
As a family, which we are.
And so I lie here dreaming
With a sleepy little smile,
Wishing everyone was this happy
Even if for just a while.


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