2015 , A Good Year?

Well my friends, it is now officially 2015 everywhere I think. A lot has happened in the last twelve months and I am wondering if this year will be even better!

I started this blog last year, and I have enjoyed writing it. I have made lots of new friends, all over the world, and have a new brother, my Charlie.



I am no longer an only dog, and I like it!

I met lots of my twitterpals last year, houndies at the GGG in the UK and at Cannock Chase and the Moms of some of my favourite friends at WoofstockUK.

We have also lost some very dear friends, which has made us sad, and made us all realise how precious and special our friendships are.

Cherish them while you can.

I have also started writing a book. This has been a bit “stop and start” but I intend to finish it this year and publish. It is scary but exciting at the same time.

Life is eventful! Things happen, both good and bad.

Sometimes people who are having a bad time, wish away the old year, hoping for a fresh start in the new one. Some people don’t notice the passing of time as their lives are so hectic and full.

I say cherish each moment as it happens, good or bad, what happens to us makes us who we are. Everyone has to have a bad time, to fully appreciate the good ones.


Happy New Year!

So a Happy New Year to you all, my friends, I send my love and a pawhug to each and every one of you.

Bella xxxxx


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