Christmas Is Over

Well, it appears that Christmas is already over. A few wonderful days of merriment, good food and lots of presents and treats. Today, Mom went back to work and life goes back to normal. 

Me and Charlie had a wonderful time! We woke up at the normal time on Christmas morning to find that Santa had visited us while we were asleep! I was very surprised that he got in and out of our living room without Charlie yapping at him. Usually no one can even turn over in their sleep without him yapping!

Anyway, Mom and Dad insisted on having their coffee before we were allowed to have a look at what he had left for us. I think this was mean but they always do that. They make us go outside for our garden duty and check out the garden first too.

Finally we were allowed to have a look.


And that is all we did. I am hopeless at unwrapping presents, I don’t have a clue what to do, my excuse is that I am far too polite though. I was surprised at Charlie, he didn’t know either. We both just stood there and looked.

Even when Mom started opening the presents for us, we both just stood there looking! In the end Mom gave up, and she and Dad opened them all for us. We had loads! We both had stockings full of treats from AmmysDelight, and we both got squeeky toys too. I got some Wonky Chomps and we both got sausages. It was a fabulous morning.


After they had all been opened and we had played with our new toys, the family arrived. The house suddenly became very noisy indeed! There seemed to be children and dogs everywhere, and everyone talking at once! It was heaven!!

There was food in the kitchen and we all had some, even we weren’t forgotten, Charlie and I had our own Christmas dinner in our bowls while the family were eating theirs. Afterwards, we all collapsed in the living room, there weren’t enough seats so some of us sat on the floor, it was very cosy.

They played a board game and listened to music while I had a snooze, my head on Moms lap. At some point in the afternoon they all left but I don’t remember it happening, I must have been asleep.


Mom said later that day, that it had been perfect, and I must admit that I agree with her, a lovely family Christmas, all of us together, enjoying each others company.

If only everyone was so lucky, the world would be a better place. 


New Year is just around the corner, here’s to a fabulous 2015.








One thought on “Christmas Is Over

  1. You had a fabulous time. You were a good girl and Charlie was a good boy so Santa treated you both well. Squeeky toys, sausages and Wonky Chomps, that’s awesome! You certainly deserve it sweetheart!

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