Good Will To All…

Today is Christmas Eve. This is my fourth Christmas with Mom, my third in this house, and my first with Charlie in our family.

We do not know what Charlies experience of Christmas has been like in the past, he lived with an elderly lady so I imagine they were quiet. It won’t be quiet in this house at lunchtime tomorrow! In fact it will only be quiet for a little while after all the family have left.

They all come round for lunch, after we have opened our presents, and there will be a lot of happy noises and delicious smells, and treats for us all.

It is a very happy time of year for us, and this year Charlie will of course be included. We will all have a good time, eat a lot, play games and have fun.

Not everyone is so lucky, I know.

There are lots of dogs, and cats, who do not have Christmas like we do. Those who don’t have a loving home, for instance. Those in shelters will be looked after as usual I imagine, but won’t be spoiled like us.

I often think of all the animals who are less fortunate, the stray and the unloved. Christmas to them, is just another day. Just another day like any other.

But this shouldn’t be the case.

All animals, like humans, should know that they are important and loved. All should know the Good Will that we know, at Christmas time.

So I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, all of you, the lucky ones, with your humans and your families.

But I send a special wish and a prayer, for all of those less fortunate, that they find a family of their own and discover what it is to be loved.

Merry Christmas


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