So Different

Charlie has lived with us now for four months and I think we are getting used to each other.

When I was an only dog, I spent a lot of time alone and so I had to amuse myself quite a lot. Now I have Charlie to amuse me! He is a funny little thing!

He saves me the bother of barking at anything, after all, why have a Charlie and bark yourself!!



He likes licking feet. Now that is weird! What does he like about feet? Who knows!! I could understand licking hands, if they have been cooking, because then they taste nice, but feet?

I try to play with him sometimes. I make myself look small by dropping my front end, and I wag my tail, but he ignores me. So sometimes I chase him, but then he snarls at me and runs under the table!!

I don’t mind that, maybe it’s his way of playing? But it’s not as much fun as playing chase. He does play with his little teddy, he growls and teases Mom with it, but stops if I try to join in!

However, he is getting better. He doesn’t growl anymore when I sit next to him, and he did lick my leg recently. I’m not sure why, but it was nice!


He sniffs my face sometimes and that feels almost like a kiss! Maybe one day soon he will let me lick his!

I am so looking forward to Christmas with him! I don’t know what his Christmases were like in the past but I’m sure he will enjoy it here! Lots of nice food and happy faces, he might be so happy that he will forget to be grumpy with me!!

I shall wait and see, I shall keep my paws crossed and hope.


7 thoughts on “So Different

  1. Awwww BELLA u R such a loving & kind girl. He will change eventually. He will learn to trust u by watching ur behavior. He’s a lucky boy & so R u. U will have a wonderful Christmas together. U wait and see. It will b fabulous.

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  2. It’s gonna be great fun. Maybe he’s just a little cautious cuz you’re so tall. Just keep working with him & he’ll come around. He loves you already. xo


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