There are many thousands of dogs in the UK and the majority of them have responsible owners. But unfortunately there are many that do not.

We are always seeing news stories on television and in the papers about bad behaviour by some dogs and their owners, which reflects badly on all dogs and all owners, whether they are responsible or not.

Often, it is not ultimately the fault of the dog, but the owner, through bad treatment or handling. Sometimes dogs are encouraged to be aggressive, or just not taught how to behave properly.

This is obviously a problem for both humans and animals alike. You only need one dog to bite a child to give a whole breed of dogs a bad reputation.

There will always be the odd dog that is normally well behaved but bites unexpectedly due to fear or pain. This can’t always be predicted or prevented, but is often understood by the humans involved.

Sadly this isn’t the case in the majority of incidents.

England is supposedly a nation of dog lovers, and broadly speaking this is true. What a shame it is that the few irresponsible owners, have to spoil things for the rest.

We need to stamp out bad ownership.

This includes owners who allow their dogs to foul in public places without clearing it up. This is simple, and should be an automatic function of any dog owner. It’s not difficult and doesn’t have to be messy.

Some people are understandably angry about this, especially if it is in a place where children play.

It is sensible to have laws in place to encourage responsible ownership, and to punish those who deliberately cause problems, but should it be necessary?

Should it?

There have been some changes to laws dealing with dangerous dogs and animal welfare in the UK and you may find this link interesting.


For those outside the UK and especially in America, you might find the following policy on banned dogs quite surprising.

Banned dogs


2 thoughts on “Irresponsible?

  1. The practice of banned dogs is quite shocking. There are some cities in the US that make laws regarding certain breeds as well. It makes no sense. We’re allowed here, but Mom was advised NOT to list our breed on our homeowners insurance due to possible denial of coverage because we are of the “bully” breed & could be considered dangerous. Rude. Sure, because we may lick you to death! xo

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