All Alone

Today wasn’t my favourite day ever. Partly because it was the ‘every other Tuesday’ that wasn’t Moms day off.

But worse than that, Mom and Dad were both out all day today!

Both of them!

And even worse, they were late getting up, so ran around in a hurry because they had to leave earlier than usual!

Oh yes, we got our breakfast and a quick trot around the block, but then it was just me and Charlie, alone all day!!

It’s very rare that they are both out all day and I have to say,  I DON’T LIKE IT MUCH!


It is much nicer though, now that I have Charlie for company. Even though he still refuses to cuddle me, he is entertaining.

He moves his little bed around the hall, until it is in exactly the spot he fancies, which is a different spot each day!
I have no idea why!

I have tried lying on it, in each place but it doesn’t feel any different! He’s a funny boy!

Also, Charlie trots around sometimes, comes and sniffs me, then goes back to bed. I reckon he is checking that I’m still there. Which means that maybe he does like me a little bit!

Anyway, the day seemed very long, even though I slept for most of it, as usual. It was dark when they came home.


I was so pleased to see them that my tail wouldn’t stop wagging and I nearly knocked them over! They were very pleased to see us too, and we got lots of fuss and treats! Mom said we had been very good. (Though I’m not sure how she knew)

I do think sometimes that maybe you have to be apart for a little while to fully appreciate how wonderful someone is.


4 thoughts on “All Alone

  1. We know this feeling all too well. Just view it as a day to catch up on some snoozing! It sure makes the day pass by faster. xo


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