Dogs And Men

Mom read out an article to me from the BBC news website a few days ago, and it is still bothering me today.

It was this article about a country called Iran.


I cannot get my head around how a whole nation can be told that they cannot know the love of a dog. It is incomprehensible to me.

Mans history has been intertwined with that of dogs almost since the beginning of time. Dogs have been Mans best friend almost since Man stood on two feet.

Dogs have lived with men and shared their lives for so long that they are almost totally dependent on them for survival. The dogs senses have been used for tasks which made Mans lives easier, while the dogs benefit from being cared for.

These days, dogs are mostly beloved companions. We give our ‘owners’ love and friendship like no other animal can.
We are loyal and loving, and we ask for little in return except for food and kindness. Many dogs don’t even get these simple things, but are still loyal and loving.

It is a well known fact that petting a dog can lower peoples blood pressure and relieve stress. I have seen this myself.

Caring for a dog can teach children about responsibility and friendship, to help them grow up into a better person.

Walking a dog can help people keep fit, and in this world of computers and television, it is often the only exercise a man gets!

It is easier sometimes to talk through your worries with a dog, who will listen without judgement or argument, and doesn’t cloud your mind.

A dog will make a man laugh and play, sometimes in a way that he could not do with other humans.

I seriously believe that people who grow up with dogs in their lives are more ‘humane’.

Should a government dictate to an entire nation that loving a dog is wrong? That being seen to walk or pet a dog in public is punishable by the state?

Isn’t that depriving them of something which humans have benefited from for thousands of years and continue to benefit from?

How long has this been going on? Does it explain why some nations are more tolerant than others?

I don’t think my houndy brain will ever understand some humans, maybe it’s best that it doesn’t.


5 thoughts on “Dogs And Men

  1. My houndie brain doesn’t unde most humans darling. Sadly they are on a very destructive path in many ways. I did not know this about Iran. I don’t even want to know what happens to all the dogs. Don’t want to know at all.

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