Food Glorious Food

This morning Mom was late getting up because it is her day off work. I lay on my bed, waiting, while Charlie trotted about whining, less patient than me, and I stared at the fridge freezer in my room. I got to thinking.

That freezer’s full of wondrous things
Like sausages and chicken wings
There are bacon rashers, frozen peas
Even fancy flavoured cheese!

Potato Waffles, a joint of pork
Things that make my belly talk.
There’s stew Mom made and didn’t eat
With lots of lumps of tasty meat.

Dad-made gravy, extra yummy
That should reside in Bellas tummy
All this food so near but far
Temptation when the door’s ajar.

I wished I had at least one thumb
To open it and fill my tum.
But I am patient, it will keep,
Mom was tired, I let her sleep.

I’m a good girl.


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