I speak to a lot of dogs, cats and other animals from all over the world on several social platforms, and at this time of year, I hear the same complaint everywhere.


Lots of animals are frightened by the loud bangs and fizzy noises made by people who have fireworks displays in their back gardens nearby.

I hear of dogs who shake, cry, and cower when the loud, unexpected bangs go off just outside their houses, and some that run away to hide. Cats are often still outside in the early evenings and are bound to be upset by them.

You also hear, every year, of humans being hurt by fireworks that don’t work properly, or because bad people throw them around like toys.

You will never stop bad people being bad.

And I know that it’s impossible to shield animals from all the things in life that are frightening, also it would be wrong to stop sensible humans from having fun.

A responsible pet owner will keep their pets indoors when they know there is a display happening, as they are always advertised.

Bonfire Night is November the 5th. One night! But every year the garden parties seem to start earlier and go on longer until soon, I am sure, they will merge with Christmas!

My Mom likes fireworks, and she and the littl’uns go to a big display near our town once a year to see them. I guess lots of other humans like to see them too as it is always really popular. The ones Mom sees are arranged by a local group who raise a lot of money for local charities.

We know when the display is going to happen, so Mom makes sure we are all safe indoors and kept occupied. The fireworks display is well run and as safe as it can be for the humans who watch.

I don’t have a problem with any of these big displays if they are properly run.

But why are there no rules about ordinary people buying and using them? Some gardens are tiny! And some people are not very bright.

They are explosives afterall, designed to explode with a loud bang!! There are no health and safety people attending a garden party, or fire engines standing by, or medical people ready to act if someone gets hurt.

And even if no one can control who buys them, or how big a garden has to be to use them, can they not limit the days of the year when they are allowed to be set off, like in Holland? If we knew in advance when they were going to happen, we could all at least be prepared.

We could keep our pets indoors and away from danger. We would still have frightened animals, but at least it would only be for a few days a year, instead of many weeks.

Does that sound unreasonable?


12 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. It sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

    We’ve had a heartbreaking day searching the local area for a lost Greyhound who was spooked by a firework last night. He broke his collar and hasn’t been seen since. Tonight will be his second night out, alone, cold and afraid. I’m not saying ban fireworks outright, but I do think we need much tighter controls.

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  2. Hi Bella. Thank you so much for your help on Twitter sharing about Rio. He has been found in a farmer’s barn with a leg injury. He’s at the vets now, so hoping it’s nothing too serious. I’m just so glad he was found before the fireworks start tonight.


  3. So glad to hear you found him. I was scrolling and hoping. A friend of ours has had the same problem. Her lovely whippet was spooked by fireworks and escaped out last night (4th) and has been missing for 26 hours now in the cold and rain. It’s horrible. 😦

    And yes Bella, you are being perfectly reasonable. xx


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