Going Grey!

I have always been complimented on my lovely, shiny, black fur. So I was horrified this week, to see evidence of the fact that I am going grey!

I am six years old and apart from a small splash of white on my chest and a little on my toes, I have always been jet black. A very shiny jet black.

But now I have started to go grey and I am not happy about it.


I guess this means I am getting old! I have no wish to be old. Dad has grey hairs, but he is ancient, Mom does too although she hides hers. That is acceptable because they are old, but I am only six!

So the question is, is six old for a greyhound? Should I be worried about turning into an old lady before I have even had a proper date? Will I start needing more sleep soon? Is that even possible when I already sleep twenty hours a day?

Will Mom have to start chopping my dinner up into tiny little pieces and look on google for old-doggy rocking chairs?

Will I start getting emails about walk in baths, funeral plans and discounted hearing aids? ( Mom has a special birthday this year and this influx of emails has already started!)

Should I be worried or should I just decide right now to grow old gracefully and take life as it comes? I certainly don’t feel old. I can still run pretty fast and I don’t creak yet when I get up!

Mom says age is just a number and it is meaningless.

But that is easy to say when humans live on average to 70 or 80 years old. Dogs lives are a lot shorter and go by much quicker, and we spend a lot of it waiting around for humans to come home from work!!

It is a subject which is going to need a lot of thought.

Bella x


10 thoughts on “Going Grey!

  1. I’m 8 years old and I’m grey on the muzzle but mum says I act like an 8 month old not an 8 year old. Don’t worry bella I’ll still love you anyway no matter how grey you are xxxx


  2. Have you seen my grey face! It used to be all tan & black & atarted to get grey when i was just 5! I was worried too. Mom says it just means I’m mature & more responsible. You & I are both responsible for our siblings so that makes sense. You’re as beautiful as ever. Just don’t open those emails if they come! BOL xo

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  3. Flattery is only three and her muzzle has started to grey a bit. My sister Lilac lived to be sixteen and Blueberry was thirteen and a half when she passed away last year, so I think you’re still a spring chicken. I will be eight next month and Mom says that all the people who always want to pet me and kiss me have worn the color off behind my ears and on my nose, but I don’t mind. I love the affection and attention.


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