End Of Summer

It seems that the summer is over. This doesn’t make me happy, as I like nothing better than lying in the garden sunbathing. There may be some consolations however.


Winter is coming and this means some good times too! Firstly it means that the heating comes on and we get to snuggle up on the sofa even more than usual! Mom doesn’t go out so much so I get to spend more time with her!

Thee hoomans seem to cook different food in the winter too , more lovely stews and casseroles which make the kitchen smell wonderful. And roast dinners!

There is Halloween for the children, and we always have parties on Twitter with our American friends. It is more popular there than it is here I think. I loved my pumpkin avi last year!

We have Bonfire Night here. I know lots of dogs don’t like fireworks, I’m not worried by them, but Mom likes them. She always goes to a big display with the littluns.

Then there is Christmas.

I love Christmas. Everyone seems happy and people smile for no reason! There are really jolly songs on the radio and Mom sings along to them. Not that her singing is in tune, but it’s jolly!

Christmas means good food and presents and visitors with gifts! Family comes round and of course it means parties!! I love parties!

Walks aren’t as much fun, as I have to wear my coat and I get wet feet. I don’t like getting wet, although I do enjoy a good rub down with the towel afterwards!

So bye bye sunshine, and welcome to winter! May Christmas arrive quickly.


5 thoughts on “End Of Summer

  1. Sweet story BELLA. Although I’m very enamoured with spring & summer I do get to wear all of my nice clothes in winter so that’s good. I hate to b cold tho or wet like you.

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