Cats Need Help Too

Mom went to an exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham yesterday and while she was there, she met a very nice man called Simon, who was on the Cats Protection stand.


He was trying to get people to become a Cats Protection Sponsor, to help pay to look after and rehome cats.

Mom stopped to have a chat, and Simon told her all about the organisation, and how they promised to never put a healthy cat to sleep.

He said that the sponsors money pays to keep a pen warm and comfortable for cats that need them, for as long as it takes for them to find a new home. It also pays for their food and vets bills.

As different ones pass through, the sponsor gets information about the cats they are helping! It sounds like a really good idea. I hadn’t really thought about cats needing homes.

I guess they need help just as much as dogs. In fact I think that as cats can be quite independent, they need help more. If you see a dog wandering around on its own, you know it is lost and that it needs help!

We often see cats in the street and we assume they belong to someone. What if it didn’t? What if it was homeless and hungry and needed medical help? Would anyone actually stop and help it, like they would a dog?

Also, there are lots of so called feral cats in the countryside that live wild. They seem to like it, but keep having kittens which they might struggle to look after. So the Cats Protection catch them, neuter them, and put them back!

That’s what Simon said.

I think thats a great idea because some of them might like being wild, and might not want to be a pet. But how much easier for them if they don’t have to care for kittens every year!

So whether you are a dog or a cat person, dont just pass by a sick looking cat. Let someone know so that they can help it. Take a second look.

Cats need help too. Thats what Cats Protection does, helps cats to live a better life.


5 thoughts on “Cats Need Help Too

  1. Here in the US, cats have it much rougher than dogs. While efforts to get dogs adopted have been very successful and have decreased the number of dogs who are put to sleep in shelters a great deal, efforts to find homes for cats have not done nearly as well. They spoke a lot about this at the blog conference Mom was at last year. People are realizing that they have to try new approaches to help cats find homes, and that feral cats do need to be spayed and neutered if the cat overpopulation problem will ever be solved.



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