What Dad Made!

Dad was acting very odd today! When Mom came home from work, he was working in the garden, finding lots of bits of wood and measuring them!

He doesn’t usually do things like that so Mom was rather surprised!


I heard them talking and they said they were going to make something but I didn’t hear what!! It was very frustrating!

Mom cut up some thin pieces of wood whils Dad cut up some big fat bits! Then they cut up some of my old kibble bags! Very strange!

I couldn’t imagine what they were making!

They started hammering nails into the wood until it started to look like a box with plastic lining!


Next they turned it upside down and put some wood on the bottom and some legs. Put back up the right way, I was starting to think it was going to be a kennel for Charlie!

Maybe poor Charlie was going to live outdoors! :-O

I’m sure that Mom would never allow that, but what else could it be? Charlie looked worried!


Then they made a roof and it looked even more like a Charlie sized kennel. Just as it started getting dark, Mom said it was finished.

Me and Charlie had a good look at it. It fitted him perfectly but he was starting to look decidedly worried.


He even got inside for a closer look!


But then, just as Charlie looked about to cry, Mom made his day!

She said that it is for the cat! Miffy goes outside in the daytime, and sometimes she sits under the hedge if it rains.

Dad thought it would be nice if she had a little house to go into if they were out and the weather was bad.

How sweet is that!

So now Charlie is happy. Mom just wants to find something nice and comfy to put inside and then Miffy has a nice new day house. Job done.


6 thoughts on “What Dad Made!

  1. That’s Pawsome! Very creative. Maybe Charlie can relax inside it too sometimes if he’s out in the garden. It looks cozy. It just needs a nice cushion or pillow for good snoozing. xo

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