Charlies Haircut

Charlie is used to being groomed I guess but Mom has never had a dog before that needed haircuts! Today is his first time since we had him living with us.

He is looking a bit scruffy at the moment, his hair gets in his eyes and his feet have almost disappeared!


So they went to see Helen at Brackley Dog Grooming to get him tidied up. He didn’t seem to mind the clippers.


He wasn’t quite so keen on the bath. He was very well behaved though while Steph shampooed him.


The hairdyer made him smile though. I think he liked that bit best.


He had lots of fur cut off all over! His ears, legs, feet, tail and even his boys bits!! Mom made sure Helen was very careful with those scissors in that particular area!!


He looked rather pleased with himself at the end. I think he was just glad it was over. He was very keen to come home afterwards, I think he missed me.


A big thank you to Helen and Steph for making Charlie look so smart!

I am just very glad that I don’t have to go and meet them, I hate baths!!


10 thoughts on “Charlies Haircut

  1. He is adorable. His little slippers even looked cute before his trim! I love his smiles during the bath & afterward.

    We go to a spa groomer for our baths. It’s really not too bad. Penny even gets her nails polished! You should try it sometime! xo

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