A Dog’s Love

I’m just a simple houndy, and I love my Mom a lot. She loves me too and I know I am very spoilt. Not all dogs are as lucky as me, but those of us with a family, and those us us looking for one, all have one thing in common.


Your dog will love you always
No matter what you do
However bad you treat him
His heart belongs to you.

It’s there from the beginning
From the day he joins your pack
He gives his heart to family
And never takes it back.

He’ll try to make you happy
Even if misunderstood
So when he’s being naughty
He is trying to be good.

He wants to make you happy
And to do as he is told
Even if you tell him
To stay outdoors in the cold.

And if you do not feed him
Or you leave him on his own
Forget to give him dinner
Till he looks all skin and bone.

He will not runaway
And he will always be your friend
Because your dog is loyal
And will love you till the end.

And so I ask each human
To remember to be kind
To treat him as your family
He’s the best you’ll ever find.

I love my family dearly
I’m a lucky, well loved hound,
I wish all doggys everywhere
Can have what I have found.



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