Black Dog Day?

Wednesday, Black Dog Day, turned out to be very interesting. It is a subject very close to my heart as, of course, I am a black dog myself.


I remember when I first heard about how black dogs and cats are often overlooked when people are choosing a pet, and I remembered feeling very confused. I couldn’t work out why, so I started thinking hard.

Many more black animals are left behind in rehoming centres. It’s a fact.

It’s perfectly understandable that people want pretty pets, but why aren’t black ones considered to be as pretty? I am told I am pretty, and my fur is shiny! I know lots of beautiful black animals, all are equally as loveable and cute as any other colour

Don’t we all deserve the same chance of a happy loving home?

I feel that BlackDogDay was quite successful because I had lots of people asking me what it was all about. And when I explained, they all said they hadn’t realised! Some said they loved black dogs, which is great! The more people are aware of the issue, the better.

Then I got to thinking.

There are other groups of animals that seem to find it hard to get a loving home. Old dogs? Ones that have been ill or damaged, and Staffies. There seem to be an awful lot of Staffies looking for a home.



I wonder why this is? All of the Staffies I have met have been lovely dogs, friendly and sweet. It can’t be that they are any less of a good pet than any other kind of dog.

Old and ill dogs, I guess I can understand. People who want a pet, want a cute puppy, or at least a young dog who they can have in their lives for a long time. But those older dogs need a loving home too, even if it is only for a few years.

Should we have an #adopt an older dog day?

And should we have a #LoveAStaffy day?

Why shouldn’t we? These dogs must be given the same chances as the cute puppies.

Let me know what you think?


6 thoughts on “Black Dog Day?

  1. I agree. You are the most beautiful black dog. Penny’s not too bad either! BOL Staffies & Pitties are often overlooked & it’s wrong. They can be just as gentle as any other dog. They need the same chances. Elderly dogs too. They should be able to live out the rest of their lives in a happy home.


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