Hoomans are very strange creatures.  You just have lo love them, especially your own, but some of the things they do are a total mystery to me.

The thing is, we dogs have to live within their rules, of a sort. Some rules make sense to me, like not biting any hoomans, for example, because it’s not a nice thing to do. And it hurts.

But I think I could get away with breaking that rule if someone tried to hurt my Mom. I hope that would be okay because I would do it, whether it was allowed or not.


Another rule is regarding food. I am not allowed to steal any, and I cannot eat anything unless it is given to me. This seems very unfair, but I just about manage to obey. Well, most of the time.

Food found on the floor counts as given to me though, because I know Mom won’t eat it if it has landed there. I don’t really understand why, but I’m happy to clear it up.

I do think it’s kind of odd that we must not go upstairs. The cat is there at night, and she is scared of me so fair enough, but in the daytime? So unfair.

Hoomans get grumpy sometimes for reasons I don’t understand. There are frosty glances and stern words, but never aimed at me. I get extra cuddles when this happens, I don’t get it! Not that I am complaining, I am always happy to cuddle.But I wish I understood.

Maybe I am better off not knowing, my head might explode!

At other times they seem really happy, again, the reasons why are a mystery! It seems a lot to do with talking. My hoomans talk an awful lot, even when they are alone! Mom even talks when she is asleep!!! I hardly ever make any noise!

Mom screamed the other morning, she actually screamed! I came flying into the room expecting to see a burglar or a tiger or something.

She was alone!

Well, at first I thought she was alone. Then I realised what she was making such a fuss about, a flippin daddy-long-legs! A teeny weeny insect! How silly!

Charlie ate it.

No more screaming. Hoomans huh?


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