I Met A Boy…

On Saturday at the Great Greyhound Gathering, I think I met the hound of my dreams.

As a lot of you will know, I am a houndy who has never had a boyfriend. Mom has said that I don’t need one, that I am better off without one!!

I’m not sure I agree.


On Saturday I met lots of hounds, boys and girls, many of them I already knew off twitter, but you never really know someone until you have sniffed their butt. And I sniffed a lot of butts that day.

One particular boy, who I have only tweeted to now and then, got my attention immediately when I met him for real! One sniff and I was smitten!

I couldn’t help myself! I pranced and danced and flirted outrageously with him! He was polite, and seemed to like me too but I think I took him by surprise because he didn’t react as I expected him to! We were in a crowd, so maybe I came on a bit strong.

This is all new to me!

As we parted, I gazed after him lovingly. Mom didn’t understand what it was about him that I liked, I wasn’t really sure myself, but there was certainly something about him!



Later on, when we were all tired, Mom and Maggsie sat down with an ice cream and my eyes wandered.

Suddenly I saw him walking towards me again! My ears perked up and I turned towards him wagging my whole body and staring! He noticed me and came over. Once again I flirted and pranced. This time he barked at me excitedly!

While we played the flirting game, my Mom and his Mom started chatting. I was a bit embarrassed but totally unashamed when Mom found out what I had known all along.

He was whole, as nature made him, proper boyfriend material, a real contender, goodlooking and tall, very cute! I so wanted him to feel the same way about me!



You can’t tell these things from chatting on twitter. I can hardly ask outright! Bum sniffing is essential. And it paid off! I heard the Moms discussing the possibilities of meeting again, so who knows what might happen!

Laddie, I really hope we meet again.


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