The GGG in Nottingham

Today I went, for the first time, to The Great Greyhound Gathering National Retired Greyhound Trust Show in Nottingham, one of the World’s biggest greyhound events!

My day started with a very long car ride. I did not enjoy that at all, I really do not like going in the car! But when we did eventually get there, and I got out feeling a bit cross, I looked up and immediately forgot the journey!!


There were greyhounds everywhere! Me and Mom walked into the race course and every hound I met said hello! It took a while to get to the stalls, where people were selling all sorts of things for dogs, because I insisted on greeting every hound I met!


We soon met some of my twitter friends, I met MillieGreyhound first, who was there with her Mom and Dad, and then saw Hollybobshound, who I had met before! It was so good to see her again with her brothers!


We made our way to Grandma Bobbins’ stall and said hello to her too, with Blue, she gave me a sausage! Lovely!

Soon more and more people came that I knew from Twitter and we all said hello like old friends, which we are of course! I saw Cedders, Max, Milliemanycoats, Danno, Eva and Ella and loads of others! We were especially pleased to meet Lennys Mom and Dad, who were lovely!


More and more hounds arrived and we all got to know each other while the Moms chatted. The show was good too, lots of classes for greyhounds of all ages and even a fancy dress class. Some of my friends wore rosettes!


As more arrived, Mom took pictures, and I tried to remember everyones names! There was Lurch and Jet (beautiful coat) Idgie, Laddie, Pepper who is gorgeous, my lovely Aunt Sally and Uncle Willy, SpongeCake and that Collie! Doris was there, and Amanda with Rosie, Robbie, Maggsie of course, and I’m sure I must have forgotten a few! If so I apologise in advance!!

Mom spoke to the nice lady who looks after the RGT twitter page, and we did a little video for her. That was a bit weird but so did lots of other people too! They even did a video of all of us Hounds of Twitter! Can’t wait to see it!

Soon I got tired of all the walking around and Mom and Maggs got an ice cream. While they were eating it, I saw the Hound of my dreams!! I had met him earlier that day but now we were alone! I got very excited and may have flirted just a little bit, but I couldn’t help myself!! I might never see him again!

But that is another story…….


11 thoughts on “The GGG in Nottingham

  1. We had our reunion this weekend, too! None of our friends there are on Twitter, but we have a fair amount of friends on Facebook. I’m glad you had such a good time. Mom keeps sighing over the black dogs with the white ticking. That’s a color that doesn’t exist on our side of the pond!



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