International Tweet up.

Last Monday was a very special day. I have been on twitter now for over a year and had often talked about meeting up with my very special twitter friends from around the world.

We thought it was just talk but last week, for some of us, it actually happened!

My Winnies Mom came over all the way from America to visit! She arrived on Monday evening after a very long and difficult journey by car, airplane and train!


When she walked through the door I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was so excited I nearly peed on the spot!! She looked just like I had imagined and she made a huge fuss of me and Charlie. It was almost like I had Winnie himself here with me!! One day maybe Mom will meet him……

She had a lovely voice, I could have listened to her talking all night long! And after a drink and a cuddle, we went for a walk to the park. Winnies Mom held my lead, I felt really special and I behaved impeccably for her! She and Mom chattered away like old friends, which they are of course!

It was amazing to think that we met on Twitter, and in the last year we had shared so much, laughter and giggles, but also tragedy and sadness at the loss of friends. I think that’s what made us so close.

Some people think the animal community on Twitter is a bit silly, just a bit of nonsense, but we know different don’t we? There are real friendships made on there, lasting friendships.

Mom met lots of other twitter friends at WoofstockUK that weekend, Amas Mum from the Netherlands, Shayna’s Mum from Northumberland and many more. Some she had met before, like Maggsie and Evas Mom.

Where else but Twitter could we have all met and become friends? Different people and dogs from all over the world from different backgrounds but with the same basic characteristics. A love of animals and a kind heart.

I am really looking forward to WoofstockUK next year, hopefully I will go too this time 😉


6 thoughts on “International Tweet up.

  1. Well I must day I’m honored that you wrote a story mostly about my mum. Thank you Bella. She loved meeting you. She loved hugging you. And she loved walking you. She had a terrific time visiting all the twitter moms & doggies in the UK. It was a wonderful adventure & will provide long lasting friendships I am sure.


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