This has been an exciting Weekend! The very first UK Woofstock festival for dogs was held in Dorset, and my Mom went with some of her very best twitter friends.

Some of the Moms were there without their dogs, like my Mom, Winnies Mom Jo-An from America,  Ama’s Mom Marjo from The Netherlands, Shayna’s Mum Heather from Northumberland and Aunty Maggs.

But they also met lots of other friends who were there!! Mom said she recognised lots of the dogs but none of the Moms! It was lovely to meet them, and she also found some new friends for me to tweet to! How amazing!

Do you know who they all are?







There were also lots of stalls there, selling all sorts of goodies for dogs, I must admit that me and Charlie did rather well out of it!!

I got lots of my favourite treats from the @AmmysDelight stall, a lovely new bed from the beautiful Aunt Ninna’s @Woofbed stall and me and Charlie got new Bandanas too!

The dog show was brilliant! Prizes for all the best dogs and also owners that looked like their dog, followed by a hilarious agility display…….

There was music and food and drinks for all the Moms and Dads and fun was had by all!

Here’s hoping that next years Woofstock is even bigger and better and this becomes the “Annual Woofstock festival” 🙂


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