Missing Mom

Mom has gone to work again today, like she does every weekday morning.  I don’t like Mondays, unless it is a Bank Holiday, as it means she will be gone all week. So I wrote a poem.

I sometimes lie here thinking,
And for me that is quite hard,
Because I get distracted
By the noises in the yard.

I try to think of good things,
Like sausages and walks,
But find that I am trying
Not to listen as She talks.

She’s dressed up in her work clothes
Which will mean she’s going out,
And leaving me with Charlie,
What is that all about?

She goes out every week day,
And she leaves us here with Dad,
I always hate her going,
Because it makes me sad.

I know that Dad looks after us,
But feel I have to say
That Mom’s the one I think of,
Every minute she’s away.


7 thoughts on “Missing Mom

  1. Awww *sniff, wipes nose up sleeve of jumpy* that’s so sad sweetheart. I luffs your mum too ❤️❤️❤️

    You so good at writing poems xxxxx


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