It is a recognised fact that in rescue and rehoming centres, the black dogs and cats are the least likely to be chosen and are more likely to be PTS.

Being a black houndy myself, I dont understand this at all, it upsets me in fact. What could be more attractive than a shiny black coat, gleaming in the sunshine? Why is this not noticed when people are choosing a pet?



There is no racism amongst us dogs, all are equal in our eyes, black, white, brown or brindle. We are all animals looling for a family, and what colour we are is irrelevant. Isn’t it?

Why do some humans seem to see us as less attractive?



I think all of the dogs and cats in these pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I challenge anyone to disagree. I am not saying other coloured animals are not just as beautiful, just that I can’t see a difference. We are all worthy.



Cats seem to have the same problem, in some countries a black cat is considered unlucky! But it is the poor cat that is unlucky, surely, if he does not have a home.



When Mom adopted me, I was sad, and lost with a dull coat but it didn’t take long to become glossy with shiny eyes and a happy face.



So if you are thinking of adopting a dog or a cat, please do not overlook the black ones, given a good home, good food and hope, they will shine.



6 thoughts on “Black

  1. This is so true!!!!! I had a black pit bull named Spike and he made me laugh so much, I mean A LOT! We had so much fun together. I also had had a big black Rottweiler/Lab mix dog named Nico. He was the most gentle, loving, friendly dog I had.

    I never understood that either Bella. Black doggies are just as beautiful as all the rest!!!!

    Love and hugs to the Black Beauty BellaπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  2. I don’t mind which colour dog I have as it’s the dog itself that matters! I’ve had a couple of black ones, including Oscar who is on your last piccie on the left! They have just as much love and laughter to give to their hoomans, if not more!

    I luff all doggies and they luff unconditionally, why can’t we?


  3. Wonderful piece sweetie. We don’t understand it either. As you know we had a black greyhound. Mum said he lived to be 15 1/2yo. He was a happy boy & I met him in his last year or two. I fell in love with him. I don’t get it. But thank you for taking up the cause.

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  4. There’s a whole long story about this, Stella. Historically, people associated black with bad omens and evil portents. There are also a lot of people who think black dogs look mean and scary. Plus, many people say they’re harder to photograph.

    If you came to the adoption center with a dull coat, that’s not so bad. Flattery didn’t have any fur at all when she came to the adoption center, and she’d lost a scary amount of weight. She got sick at the track and they tried to take care of her and help her get better, but she didn’t respond, so they sent her to the adoption kennel in hopes that a change in environment would help her. She spent a long time there being rehabilitated before she was put up for adoption. Nobody could ever figure out what was wrong with her and she’s still on the thin side now, but Mom says that’s better than being overweight anyway, and she’s still really young. We think she’ll fill out a bit this year. Anyway, one of our goals on our blog is to help people see how beautiful black dogs are and I think my brother and sister are both great examples of that!



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