The Tale of Limpy-Jo

This is the story of Harolds cat Limpy-Jo. I haven’t done a cats guest story before, but this is a story of patience and kindness, which goes to prove that perseverance pays off.


Hello, my name is Limpy-Jo and I am a cat with a limp, hence my name.

I have been living here with Mummy and Daddy since 2001, before Harold-Sinatra was even born. Their last dog, Henry-Oliver had gone over the bridge in the September before I arrived. Mummy’s old cat Holly by Golly was still alive then, she was 19 years old!

I had been wandering around, lost and lonely for quite a while and when the lady first called me, I ran away. She put some food out for me because she could see that I was injured, but I was too scared to come out until she went back in the house.

She kept feeding me for 16 months, I heard her say afterwards.she was very patient! I stayed nearby and I waited for the food, but would not let her touch me.

Then one Sunday, I got inside the old car at the bottom of their garden to have a sleep. The window was open and it looked warm and cosy in there!

The man came down the garden to go to his garage, as he was taking some bits off the car before someone came to collect it, but I didn’t know that of course.

He suddenly opened the boot, saw me and said “Hello black cat” and then closed it again! I was so surprised that I didn’t move! I stayed for a while, but he didn’t come back so I went away and hid.

He told Mum he didn’t think that black cat looks very well. They still couldn’t see what was making me limp but they were concerned. That night Mum came, as always, to put food out for me, and as usual she talked to the bushes where I was hiding.

Mum was saying “come on out, we won’t hurt you.”

Well, I thought. They feed me, they don’t chase me away, the man didn’t hurt me when he found me in the car so just maybe it would be okay.

I made up my mind!

I started calling back from the bushes. Mum said “come on little one we won’t hurt you”. I knew I needed help very soon, as I had a collar on, and I had got my paw stuck in it. It was cutting into my skin under my arm, and it was very sore.

It was mid December, pouring with rain and very cold. Poor mum was in her PJs. But she kept on calling me till I came out. Mum put her hand down, I sniffed it and rubbed her leg and then I ate my food.

Mum left me and went to get scissors, and after I had eaten, I let her cut the collar off.

It hurt!

I ran away screaming loudly. The collar had cut into my skin. The clasp had infected me as the skin had started to grow over it. I didn’t know what to do, so about an hour later I came back and sat outside the conservertory door.


They decided to take me in! I thought it was my lucky day but Holly wasn’t very happy about it at first.

They took me to the vet, and I had to have four operations to save my leg. Dad paid out a lot of money to save me, and I am so very grateful. They decided to call me Limpy-Jo.

A year later Holly went over the bridge, and I became an only cat. But not for long.


Harold-Sinatra arrived in January 2006. You may have already heard his story, we are really good friends now. If mummy and daddy hadn’t rescued me, I would not have been able to tell you my story, so thank you to them.I have been microchipped and mum has said that I will never have a collar put on me.

PS I only model scarves. I don’t have one. Mum promised me I wouldn’t.


2 thoughts on “The Tale of Limpy-Jo

  1. Awwwwww, that is so sweet! Again I wipe away tears. I am so sensitive. I just loved this story! The sweet kitty was able to finally trust. I love Limpy Jo! Wow, poor baby must have been in pain with that collar and paw caught! Lovely ending.


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